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"Sound Mind, Sound Body"​

Welcome to my website. My name is Emily Ochse. For the past 8 years, I have lived in San Diego, California. As of the past 2 years, with my husband and cats. 

Before I considered San Diego my home base, my stomping ground was Saratoga Springs, New York. I was born and raised there with my 4 other sisters.

I spent the majority of my youth angry and rebellious until I was 21 when I surprised my friends and family with the news that I had joined the Navy, and would be leaving in a few months.  A few months later as promised, I left home behind to join the U.S. Navy. I was stationed at Naval Base San Diego and it was here through a mutual friend that I met my now husband.

Joining the military was the best decision of my life. However, after my first enlistment, I decided to leave the Navy to get my bachelor's degree in my long-time interest, Linguistics.

Ironically, it was during my years pursuing my degree that I discovered one of my truest passions, yoga. When I was at UCSD, I made my Instagram account @thelimberlinguist, and only a year later (and 2 weeks after graduating college) I traveled alone for the first time to Bali for my 200 hour Yoga teacher certification.

Now I teach private yoga, blog on social media, mix my own teas and tonics, dabble in photography, and hope to become a freelance writer in the near future. 

This website is the place I have created as a spot for me to share all of my passions in one spot, and I hope that you all enjoy this journey with me.

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